October and Nov waitlist full

Jan/Feb 2021 Waitlist full

If you are added to the waitlist now., The soonest a kitten will be available will be spring 2021

Current Waitlist

1. Stephanie D - NYC - Calico
2.. Britt G

3. Sophie H

4. Jowita 

5.. Rachel T

6. Brianna B.

7. Melissa K

8.Justine K

9.. Liam M

10. Vickie C

11. Destiny B

12. Jessalyn H

13. Rachel S

14. Julia D

15. Sarah M.

16. Penelope R

17. Steele

18. Esther G. - Tabby

19. Katie R. - (odd eye/june)

What is a waitlist?

A wait-list is a list of prospective families who are committed to bringing home a kitten from Pink Palace Sphynx and want to be notified the moment one comes available. Families on the wait-list will be given consideration before the general public and will be able to choose their kitten before we post them publicly. You can hold multiple places on the wait-list if you are interested in multiple kittens.

How does it work?

To be added to the wait-list, we ask for a small non-refundable $100 deposit to hold your spot. This is fairly standard pricing to be placed on wait-lists for catteries. It ensures you're given priority over the general public, and shows us you're serious about adopting a kitten. 

This deposit will go towards the final price of your kitten. Once the $100 deposit is received and the funds have cleared, you will be sent your ranking on the wait-list by email or text (whichever you prefer). Your turn for picking a kitten from the litter is determined by your rank/placement on the wait list.

We will notify families on the wait-list about 4 weeks after the kittens have been born - this is about the time their true coat starts to emerge. You are free to pass on any litter and stay on the wait-list for the next Litter. You will just move up in rank and be notified again as soon as a new litter is born.  Once you choose a kitten, the remaining balance of the deposit is due, and a contract will be sent to your email. 

Why is the deopsit non-refundable?

Deposits, both for the wait-list and to hold a kitten, are non refundable because we have made a commitment to you to hold your place, and your kitten, that we could have otherwise given to someone else. We will always apply your deposits to the kitten of your choice, and we are more than happy to add you back to the wait-list should you decide that now isn't a good time for a kitten, or the kitten you chose no longer meets your standards. We will also consider deposits to apply to the sale of a Queen or King. 

Should you decide that you no longer want to be on the wait-list because you no longer want a cat. We can remove you from the list, but since your spot has been reserved we will consider the service of reserving your spot as fulfilled. If you do not agree with this policy please just wait and take your chances waiting for a kitten when they become available to the general public. 

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