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What We're About

We're a TICA and CFA registered cattery in Northern Illlinois. We are dedicated to bringing only the healthiest Sphynx Kittens into the community. We have agreed and follow a strict set of ethical breeding standards. We start before our adult cats are ever bred. They undergo genetic testing and pairs are matched based on genetic diversity and genetic compatibility. A full DNA makeup is available for every adult cat in our cattery. We are an HCM scanning cattery.  Our scans are done by cardiologists twice a year and we're happy to show them to you. We have submitted all of our cats DNA for HCM testing, and do HCM DNA testing on all kittens. 

You can expect that your kitten will be properly socialized and vetted while in our care. The earliest a cat will leave the cattery is 12 weeks, but it is not common for them to stay up to 16 weeks. Your cat will come with TICA or CFA registration paperwork, at minimum 2 sets of vaccinations, appropriate deworming, spayed/neutered, microchipped, a 2-year HCM guarantee and a lifetime of support. Buying a cat from us is becoming part of the family 

TICA Code of Ethics Certificate

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