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Included in the price of you kitten is the following:

  • TICA Registration Paperwork

  • 2 Sets of vaccines 

  • Appropriate worming

  • 2 Year HCM Guarantee 

  • Congenital Health Guarantee 

  • Spay/Neuter

  • 2 vet visits 

  • Fecal Floatation

  • 30 days of free Pet Insurance 

  • Take home bag 

Kittens do not leave the cattery before 12 weeks of age. They can be held longer for spay/neuter to be done.


  • Standard Sphynx - $2,500

  • Harlequin/Van Odd Eye- $3500

  • Bi-color odd eye & Dominant Blue: $3,800 +

  • Please do not get added to the odd or dominant blue eye waitlist if you do not agree with this pricing. 


  • Past - Buyer Discount : $100

  • Military Discount: $100​

  • Multiple Kitten Discount: $100/ Kitten (Must buy at the same time)

  • We strongly encourage sphynx to have a companion. Sphynx do not need another sphynx companion. They will do equally well with a shelter / recue cat. For anyone who gets a rescue as a companion for their sphynx, we will cover the adoption costs of the shelter / rescue companion. Terms apply. Send us a message to learn more. 


We can ship cats worldwide. We will not ship cats cargo or ground transportation. We only offer to deliver cats to your closest major airport with the cat in cabin with us. A delivery fee of $400 on top of the actual cost of a 2-way economy flight will apply. We have never found a courier or another delivery option that is cheaper than we are, including cargo. 

Delivery fee is waived to customers in Virginia and Florida. 

Show and Breeding rights available at additional cost.

Breeding rights only considered for ethical catteries at my discretion. 

Payment Methods:

  • Credit Card - 3% Processing Fee Applies 

  • Cash at the cattery

  • Venmo

  • Zelle

  • Bank Transfer

  • Afterpay

****We will never accept a check of any kind****

  All Funds must clear prior to your kitten going home.

blue and white sphynx with striking blue eyes standing proudly in front of a blue background
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